2D Gel Protocols and Related Protocols in Microsoft Word and RTF Format

The first set of documents below is in Microsoft Word for Macintosh 98 format, which is completely compatible with and readable by Word for Windows 97, 98 and 2000. The second set of documents is in RTF format, which is readable by most word processors. Let me know if you need any of these documents in a different format. Exactly what will happen when you click on the following links depends on your browser settings. In most cases, your browser will either open the document for you in Microsoft Word (you can then save it to your hard disk from Word's File menu) or it will download the document to your hard disk. If your browser attempts to open the Word files as HTML (which will result in a lot of meaningless characters appearing on your screen), then try opening the RTF files instead.

Protocols in Microsoft Word 97/98/2000 format:

Protocols in RTF format:

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