Pictures taken by members of the Huberman laboratory (Joel Huberman, Chulee Yompakdee, Maria Marchetti and Sanjay Kumar) as we traveled in Japan to attend the Second International Fission Yeast Meeting (Pombe 2002), held in Kyoto, March 25-30, 2002.

These pictures show our flight and travels together until the conference began (March 23-25), followed by pictures from the conference (March 25-30), followed by samples of pictures of our post-conference travels. Joel's postconference pictures are on a different web site. Sanjay's, Maria's and Chulee's pictures are not yet on display, because they were not taken with digital cameras, and they still need to be developed and/or scanned.

At this point (April 29, 2002), there are 77 pictures in the collection. Thumbnails of these pictures are displayed on 5 different index pages, which can be accessed by clicking on the links immediately below. To see an enlargement of any thumbnail picture, click directly on the thumbnail picture of interest.

With one exception, all of the large pictures do not exceed 640 pixels width and/or 480 pixels in height. Higher-resolution versions (up to 4 megapixels) of each picture are available by writing to Joel Huberman. It's amazing how much detail can be seen in the higher resolution versions.

The one exception is the Heian panorama, which has been scaled to 460 pixels height. To see the whole width of that panorama, you'll need to scroll horizontally in your browser window. Because this picture is larger than the others, it takes longer to download. Be patient; it's worth the wait.


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leavingbuffalo leavingbuffalo2 snowinbuffalo lunchindetroit lunchindetroit2 delayedflight
LeavingBuffalo.jpg LeavingBuffalo2.jpg SnowInBuffalo.jpg LunchInDetroit.jpg LunchInDetroit2.jpg DelayedFlight.jpg
airplanetojapan sanjaymariaairplane hudsonbayice viewfromhotel bicyclesshijo liptonmcdonalds
AirplaneToJapan.jpg SanjayMariaAirplane.jpg HudsonBayIce.jpg ViewFromHotel.jpg BicyclesShijo.jpg LiptonMcDonalds.jpg
teramachiarace torii mariaarcade chuleeshrine shrineinterior cherryshrine
TeramachiArace.jpg Torii.jpg MariaArcade.jpg ChuleeShrine.jpg ShrineInterior.jpg CherryShrine.jpg

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