Photoreactivating enzyme dna-repair.gif BER intermediate

Welcome to the old web site for the DNA Repair lectures in RPN530, Oncology for Scientists, at Roswell Park Cancer Institute

The RPN530 lectures on DNA repair are now being given by Professor David Kowalski. Current versions of those lectures are available at The following information was current at the end of 2006 and is provided for reference.

The lectures for RPN530 on October 26 and 31, 2006, are now available.


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If you wish to print my lecture notes and slides, then I recommend that you not waste the resources of a color printer on my lecture notes, because the illustrations are in low resolution bit-mapped format. Print the lecture notes in black and white. The same images are available in vector format within the appropriate PDF files, and those vector-format images will print at the highest resolution of your printer. In other words, the images in the PDF files will look much better after printing than will the images accompanying the lecture notes.

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