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Joel and Anne on Amy's front porch, October, 2011

The above picture, which was taken by our younger daughter, Amy, shows me and Anne, sitting on the swing on the front porch of the Pikesville, MD, home of Amy and her spouse, Alena (also the home of their new son, Alexander, our third grandchild and first grandson). It's fitting that Anne also be shown, because she gave me tremendous help in setting up this personal web site, based on her experience with her own personal web site,

I'm starting this personal web site in late December, 2011, partly to accommodate information previously posted in various forms at the Apple "" and "" web sites, since these are scheduled for termination in June, 2012, and partly to house what I anticipate will be a large collection of family pictures and videos displayed in my own way, with my commentaries but without any advertisements or other distractions.

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I encourage you to send questions, complaints, comments, concerns--and, of course, praise--to me by e-mail: Joel.HubermanATgmailDOTcom.